Can we handle our emotions?

Can we handle our emotions?

Can we handle our emotions?

Managing one's emotions is a matter of choice, whether you want it or not. A lot has been written about emotions and on how to successfully administer them; however, many people do not know how to deal with that big issue in life. Why is it so? In order to efficiently handle emotions, it is crucial to build competence or habits. It consists of doing something better; as a human, we are struggling while trying to improve the situation.

This is how Prem Rawat, the renowned messenger of peace, put it: a message of peace is encoded in emotions which are appropriately administered.

The first step consists of being conscious

If you do not know under which circumstance you become too emotional or overreact, then, how can you manage your emotions? It is impossible. Start by observing how you feel and label each emotion. Sometimes, we fail to identify our feelings. Labeling each emotion helps give clarity, which is essential since it enables us to get over strong feelings.

Discover the "factors" to your emotions

Once you have a clear understanding of your emotion, then, find out why you feel so. What caused such a feeling in you? Obviously, several factors could have led to it; therefore, to know the reason, you should wonder, just like a friend does: « What is wrong? What makes me feel this way? » Your conscience will always look for an answer to the question.

Most of the time, your vision about the situation makes you react in such a way. Another major factor to negative reactions is that our values are either missing or dishonored. Remember: look for the" reason".

Ask yourself : " What is the solution? "

As soon as you have identified the "reason", find out what should be done to manage your feelings. Sometimes, it might be necessary to address the situation differently. You will soon realize that your thoughts have led to your emotions.

Therefore, if you feel bad, your negative thoughts may have caused such reactions in you. As soon as you start thinking about alternative ways of dealing with the matter, you will immediately feel good. This helps you to build your ability to concentrate. Often, a mere understanding of the reason for your response toward such a circumstance helps you crack down on negative emotions, because awareness usually leads to tension reduction.

Choose how to react

It is the most challenging step. Building the habit on how to react and administer our emotions is necessary. Have you ever noticed that some people are easily stressed out and literally panic even at the slightest problem? You almost feel sorry for them. They are used to associating any undesired situations to « panicking ». They are misguided by their feelings.

Learning to listen to, identify, understand and choose your emotions is not something you decide to practice twice a week at dinnertime. No; instead, it is mandatory to make an effort and regularly discipline yourself so that you could acquire such an essential skill.

Another successful strategy consists in sharing. Sharing how you feel with others, whether your reactions are positive or negative enables you to live better. You may connect to either your close acquaintances, or to the whole world. Share for example how you feel about peace, like what Prem Rawat did.

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